Street Corner Breakdance…

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  • July 30, 2012

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David designed an immersive balloon experience. Not only was this a large piece at ten feet square by 12 feet high, but while most competition pieces say do not touch, this one encouraged it.

Viewers watched as the eight foot tall dancer spun on his mat. Then they were asked to take a magic marker from the bin and “Tag” the balloon brick wall with their name or other comment.

Once on the “sidewalk” viewers unknowingly tripped an audio feature that would play one of 20 different ere-appropriate rap songs every time it was triggered.

Other features were a 12′ tall working street lamp, a fire hydrant, and a 6 foot wide boom box radio.

Not only did this piece win Second Place, but was the overwhelming favorite of all of the balloon professionals and guests in attendance as witnessed by the Delegates’ Choice award as well as over 100 “tags”!

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