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Airheads Balloon Art is a full service balloon and event decorating company serving the Greater Pittsburgh, PA area and beyond! As a member of the worldwide Qualatex Balloon Network, our Certified Balloon Artist Dave Weiss has completed a comprehensive certification program. Expect the highest standards of skill and professionalism, and trust in proven expertise for all your decor needs. Dave is now one of only 2,500 CBA’s worldwide.

Airheads Balloon Art provides balloon decor for parties, weddings, corporate events and trade shows. We use the very best quality balloons. Airheads Balloon Art stays up on the latest from the balloon industry at large and enjoys showcasing innovative designs. We can create your classic decor requests but we find that we do our best work when we become your design partner. As designers we can suggest the most effective balloon decor options for the events needs, theme and budget.

When the balloons look Great, YOU look Great!

From the moment your guests walk into the space, balloons send the message that a partys going on! Balloons are an incredibly versatile artistic medium that sets a mood of celebration. Using lighting, textures, and color palettes, balloons breathe life into a space, adding vibrancy and motion. The wide variety of colors and sizes available, as well as the affordability, make balloons an option for any event, whether we are decorating your backyard barbeque or a corporate gala.

Planning an event can be a daunting task let us handle the decorating. With Airheads Balloon Art on the job, you can rest assured that youve got a professional on your side. We will work with the venue to make sure that every balloon is in place before your guests arrive.

The right balloon decor can transform a room. We can make a giant ballroom seem more intimate. We can use balloons to attract attention to key signage or activities.� Of course, balloons can dress up a stage or take the form of high-impact, affordable centerpieces, but did you know that we can also create a signature balloon focal point that can double as a photo backdrop? Airheads Balloon Art will design a beautiful canvas for your events photos . . . a lasting memory! Take a look at our decor photo gallery to see how balloons can bring some imagination and wonder to your next gathering!

Remember, when the balloon look great, YOU look great!

For milestone events, you want decor with big impact! Airheads Balloon Art can dazzle your guests with special effects including exploding balloons, lighting effects, balloon drops, a balloon release or confetti launches. View video clips to see how these effects can add that wow-factor to your next event.


Balloon decor by its very nature is temporary, but Airheads Balloon Art will work with you to extend the life of your balloon decor based on your needs. A standard 11? latex helium balloon has a lifespan of about 18 hours. We can increase the float time by use of Hi-Float, a polymer that is added to the balloon prior to inflation. When used properly, Hi-Float can add several days to the life of a design, making it perfect for indoor decor at multi-day events. Using air-filled balloons on frameworks or other supports will also ensure a longer-lasting effect in indoor conditions.


Have an outdoor event in mind? Airheads Balloon Arts decor specialists love the outdoors! However, there are several important factors to consider when decorating an outdoor space: wind, particulate matter, heat, humidity, and precipitation can all adversely affect balloons. And although we cannot control the weather, we take appropriate precautions to accommodate it; we suggest appropriate outdoor decor and prepare the balloons as best we can to withstand outdoor elements. We take care to stablize anchors, keeping in mind that winds as gentle as 4 miles an hour can effect balloons. We urge our clients to choose light-colored balloons for outside, as darker colors like blue, purple, dark green, and black are more sensitive to sunlight. Just as a white tee shirts is cooler on our bodies than a black tee shirt on a hot day, darker balloons will absorb more heat and are more likely to burst in direct sunlight.

We urge our customers to check with the FAA before planning a balloon release or flying a Cloudbuster balloon, as there are restrictions in certain areas.

Contact us for a free consultation. We look forward to tackling your decorating challenges using our extensive knowledge and creativity, and Airheads Balloon Art will make your event outstanding!

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